Vegan Eats For The Gathering Season

So I don't really believe in Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm one of those progressive killjoys that likes to ruin anything and everything :) #SorryNotSorry. I just like knowing and sharing the truth, even if it does make me take off my rose-colored lenses. 

I know that Thanksgiving is a time for some people to give thanks for what they have. For me, personally, it's a time of year to share delicious vegan treats and eats with non-vegans and help them rethink the beautiful and intelligent animal that they've placed on their table, whether it be turkey or pig (ham). 

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It's also a time for me to be able to share what Thanksgiving really was and why I choose to not celebrate it. And though I won't necessarily share that here fully, it was, and still is, based off the genocide of the indigenous people that lived in what is now the US and also the millions of turkeys that are killed every year for this commemoration of historical genocide. I told you I was a killjoy :)

But with all that being said, unfortunately we can't change the genocide of indigenous folks and communities that have already happened, we can change the way we celebrate by bringing up these issues to family and friends, even if they are hard conversations, while continuing to try and center current issues and situations our indigenous brothers and sisters face. AND, we can choose to not have nonhuman animals on our tables. These are choices that is within our power, during tis gathering season and throughout the year. 

So, to help you along in that journey, I've compiled a couple of websites that have some great ideas for plant-based, vegan meals to either make for your family or to bring to your family gathering. And please have a happy and conscious holiday. Remember to give thanks to the ancestors, to make a tribute to those that were killed during this time and to commit to doing better now and in the future. We can make changes, we just have to try.


A great to eat during this gathering time is to eat a meal of foods that have been around before the colonization of the land. Eating things like Three Sisters Saute and fry bread, or in this case no-fry bread, or tortillas de mais are a great way to honor our ancestors and those that were caught in the trap of colonization while also honoring our animal friends and their desire for self-determination. The Physician Committee for Responsible Health posted recipes from Kiowa descended chef, Lois Ellen Frank, that bring us back to native foods to heal our bodies and our souls. 



Oh She Glows is one of my favorite resources. They have so many great recipes to try and their Thanksgiving list is no exception. There are some really good ideas on this list. I think I may try to make some myself, especially the lentil loaf that I'm sure is so delicious! It's a good alternative to both a turkey and those tofurkey roasts, if you're feeling up for it. 




This is an extensive list that you can go back to for everyday stuff but also to have throughout the holiday season. I do have to say that I was a little overwhelmed by how many recipes that are listed. But don't let that make you click out of the page because you'll miss out on some deliciously easy recipes. Just come with a strategy!  would think about what you think you'll want to have and see if it's on this list. But the list has everything from what to have for breakfast the morning of to after-dinner beverages! So get your list ready and take a dive into this list of goodies!



Ivonne Quiroz