I'm A Registered Yogi!


It has been quite a hectic first 2 months of 2018. I left my full-time job at the end of 2017 to pursue my dream of being my own boss and to be a yoga teach. Yes, I said a yoga teacher! 

Last month, I participated in an intensive immersion program at Yoga Garden San Francisco to be certified as a yoga teacher. It was an incredible experience and absolutely life changing. I was able to delve deeper into both the physical and mental transformation that yoga provides. I have been a big fan of yoga for a few years but was never able to fully commit because of the cost of practicing yoga. In the US, yoga is expensive. From memberships to studios to yoga mats and yoga clothes, its a multi-billion dollar industry. But I also knew that it was so much more than that. And that's what I wanted to delve into and I what I wanted to make more accessible.

So to start, I tried to fundraise as much of my tuition as possible. The more I could raise, the more free or low-cost yoga I could offer. I was able to raise half of my tuition which allows me to offer more low-cost yoga in non-traditional spaces, like parks, rec. centers and even health service providers. Without needing to work or a studio to make money, I hope that I can offer yoga to people that can't afford to take classes in a studio but can walk down to the local park or rec. center and pay $5 to take a class vs. trying to pay $15-20.

Now, I'm trying to find those spaces that I can offer yoga at a low-cost or even at no-cost. I'm compiling a list of local places in Oakland, and the East Bay, to be able to hold these classes. If you have any ideas, send me an email because I would love to hear what places you think I would be able to hold classes, especially if you own a space that I could possibly hold some classes!

Yoga changed my life. 

This journey into being a yoga teacher has already been transformative. Learning about the history and spirituality of yoga was powerful. I am so excited to share this with the Latinx community, and other communities of color in Oakland and the East Bay.

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